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Visa CAL

“We needed to find a comprehensive solution for administrating our SQL Servers and EZManage™ SQL was our choice. "

Uzi Dvir, DBA Group Leader at Visa Cal, Israel Credit Cards Ltd


"The team now doesn't work any less on SQL Server. But we are doing much more, much easier.
"Orna Marom, Zim Manager of Global Databases.
Find out how Zim, a giant shipping company is smooth sailing with EZManage SQ

Thames River Capital

“Quite frankly, I could not find any other product that did the same thing.
”Robert Cockerill – IT infrastructure manager. Thames River Capital,
UK investment professionals rely on EZManage SQL for peace of mind


"We wanted a simple but reliable solution that would notify us if there were issues on the horizon.
"Gadi Holdengreber, Director of Infrastructure Information Technology.
AudioCodes, a market leader in voice compression and VOIP technology, adopts EZManage SQL for more reliable databases, less administrator involvement.